Intimo Winter Dressage Series May 20th 2012

Arriving at 8am and finishing around 5pm made it a long day but a good experience for everyone. The dressage horses were all settled and enjoyed their day.

Manuka Magni, again showed his potential, scoring higher in his unregistered 1.4 class than the placings in the registered class. He had some good competition against 44 other competitors. A very impressive result considering this is only his third time out in competition !

Manuka Magni May 20th 2012 | dressage horses

Meilekke was a little tired in her last test and found the driving rain on her face something that she had not experienced before in competition but tried her best with a good result.

Manuka Mielekke May 20th 2012 |  Dressage Horses

Manuka Southern Cross is coming first in the Series at Novice Level on the points table.

Thanks to Intimo for the beautiful ribbons.


MANUKA SOUTHERN CROSS  2.3    65.00%   1ST

MANUKA SOUTHERN CROSS  2.5    60.00      1ST

MANUKA MAGNI                        1.2     66.25%

MANUKA MAGNI                        1.4     72.00%    3RD

MANUKA MEILEKKE                  1.2    60.82%

MANUKA MEILEKKE                  1.4    58.80%