Manuka Southern Cross wins Intimo Novice Championship

Manuka Southern Cross Intimo Series Novice Champion 2012

Manuka Southern Cross wins the Novice Championship for the Winter Intimo Dressage Series. Southern finished with 38 points on the series points table.

A flush of new grass during the days before the competition saw all the horses a little keen on the day but they all behaved impeccably and enjoyed the busy atmosphere of the day.

Manuka Magni and Manuka Meilekke again both scored today. They are learning very quickly and are now ready to move on to bigger thinks as they have matured both physically and mentally in the last 6 months or so.

Results and photos will be posted soon.

Moschinno has stamped his wonderful temperamant on all his progeny – they are intelligent, eager to learn and always want to give their best in every situation.

Craig and I are now seeing the fruits of many years of attention to detail.

We decided from day one when we purchased Moschinno that we had a plan in place which we have steadfastly adhered to.

1. Choose your mares carefully and breed only to the best mares.

2. Breed for quality not quantity and keep your standards high and expect others who work for you to do the same.