Do the right thing…

Spring is here at last and we are all looking forward to warmer weather and being able to ride again. The paddocks are sodden still so there will be lots of hacking out to get everyone fit again. Time to bring in our last 2 babies from 2009 breeding season. The economy has been very much in the doldrums so we have decided not to breed for the last 2 years and concentrate on our present horses. Some very good studs have now closed their doors not only in NZ but all over the world which is why we have not bred until the market looks like improving.

The racing and harness racing industries are finding it difficult as Mum and Dad investors are just not digging deep into their pockets anymore. The market is flooded with horses “off the track” which are mainly free,  for resale which does not help the sport horse breeders in this country. I’m sure things will improve in time so all the more reason to bred to only the best and maintain a strong international genetic pool as an investment for the future. It cost at least 25-30K to import from overseas – we can produce excellent quality horses here in New Zealand for our NZ riders. We can import semen from all over the world – our mares must also be up to standard.

Economists say that improvement is some way off yet so we will just concentrate on getting our current stock sold. All our horses have been carefully bred by us. We know them well. All the more reason to buy a horse from a reputable breeder than a “horse trader”.

“Do the right thing and let others worry about their conscience” – Owen Glenn