The Holiday is Over

Back to work tomorrow.

Everyone has had a month off work but it is back to work tomorrow.

We have 5 horses to prepare and compete this season mostly at the lower grades.

Unfortunately our beautiful black gelding Manuka Mention My Name injured his foot in a paddock accident mid 2012 so he will have the season off to recover. He has such an amazing temperament that if he is not able to compete again he will make somebody a willing and devoted partner as a pleasure hack. If anyone is interested in giving him a home that he most certainly deserves then please contact us.

We are all looking forward to some rain soon but in the meantime NOBODY seems to have lost any weight. However judging from the routine we have set for the horses over the next 2 weeks those tummies will be fading fast to be replaced by more muscle in the right places.

Watch this space for Moschinno progeny coming out this season both inhand and ridden.

Hope 2013 is better for everyone and a much needed break from the doom and gloom of 2012.

Go to the clip of Patrik Kittel to be inspired