Feedback from Sweden

Feedback from Sonja:

Always a place to come back to !

Rosemary and Craig are really lovely and I enjoyed my stay with them very much! It is definately a place to where I would always love to come back one day! I’ve been for two weeks with them and my tasks were basically feeding the horses, cleaning the stables and caring for some injured horses. Furthermore I helped to prepare the horses for events, helping on the events and I could ride in my spare time. I also helped in the kitchen and with the groceries but only because I wanted to 😉 It is a lovely place to be: The room above the barn is awesome and has the best view of the sunset. It is very peaceful and quiet. Rose took me out to the city a couple of times so you still have enough people around you 😉 I’ve learned a lot about breeding which was really interesting! Thank you Rose & Craig for this awesome time!