AMDG Dressage April 14th 2013

Manuka Magni and Manuka Meilekke went well today. We were very pleased with both their performances and they were both relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere. Today was Meilekke’s first competition in Novice. She went very well and we are very pleased with her progress both at home and out in a competition atmosphere. She is very workman-like and has a very trainable temperament.

Manuka Meilekke

1st Novice 2.5 – 60.37%

3rd Novice 2.3 – 65%

Manuka Meilekke

Manuka Magni 

3rd Prelim 1.5 – 67.39%

 2nd Novice 2.3 – 69.58%