Manuka Meilekke at AMDG

Manuka Meilekke had great fun at AMDG training day on Sunday 7th July. It is a great experience for young horses especially to become accustomed to the bustle of lots of other horses being ridden in a smaller area. The cushion ride arenas were open which takes up to three 60×40 arenas so there was plenty of room for everyone to enjoy a training season with their horses. There was also a photographer on the grounds, Clive Wilson from VIDTHIS.

His photos can be viewed at:

Thanks Clive for the great photos of Meilekke and others on the day.

Thank you to all the volunteers on the committee of AMDG for giving your time to open the grounds for these training Sundays during the winter months. There was also a great turnout of vendors with 2nd hand gear for sale.

Manuka Meilekke is for sale.