Forwards to Medium Level 4


Magni and Meilekke have competed consistantly well at Level 3, with many excellent percentage scores at registered Dressage competitions.

Both have performed admirably against horses twice their age and experience in the same Level.

At last Magni has worked out that he can use his whole body and just not “parts” of it. Training Magni has been “head scratching”, at times, waiting for him to mature,  so that he can be shown through the awful unbalanced “Lama” look as Mr Bill so aptly called it. “Lama” days have gone hopefully and now we can press on ahead to take this horse to Level 5/6 by the end of winter 2014.

Magni has matured through the wither and the shoulders to a point where he can now work in a more uphill frame and he is comfortable working there for longer periods of time. His paces and cadence are wonderful to watch and every now and then we see a glimpse of the future which it is very exciting.

Meilekke just keeps on keeping on in her own fashionable way. Always keen to work and happy to please, she will make a very competitive young rider mount as she is a very comfortable 15:3/16HH suitable for a smaller rider. (Her current rider in the photos is 6’2″)

Magni and Meilekke will be competing at the Autumn and Winter Dressage Series at Level 4

Expressions of interest to purchase are welcome.