North Island Dressage Championships @ AMDG Clevedon

Manuka Meilekke NI Dressage Champs 3D Challenge

Thank you Auckland Dressage Group for putting together such a well organised and enjoyable show over the weekend.

Thank you to our dedicated rider Cecilia Karlsson who has worked hard to prepare our horses so beautifully again this year.

Also a big thanks to Isobel MacEwan our visiting Veterinary student from Massey University who is with us for the next few weeks.

It was hard work during the last 3 days of very early starts and late evenings but we all managed to survive with a smile on our faces having experienced competing against some of New Zealand’s best horses from the North Island.

The result for our two were very pleasing considering that they have only recently moved on from Level two and being Warmbloods need a little extra time to grow and develop.

Manuka Meilekke again was the star of the show. Just an amazing mare with a big personality and an incredible work ethic. She was ready at the gate every morning early at 5am. She knew where she was going and what was expected of her this weekend and gave her all amidst the big atmosphere. Her marks over the weekend just kept getting better and her energy levels and enthusiasm to get on with her job, never wained even in the extreme heat. She will be Level 4 after HOY and will moved through to Prix St George with ease once she has learnt a few more tricks.

Manuka Magni also performed very well.  Although younger than Meilekke, @ 6YO, he also gave us everything he could. His best test was the Challenge 3D . However he was unfortunately unsettled, by an irritating rider brandishing an unwieldy whip, directly outside the arena as he was approaching A. None the less, Magni continued past this extraordinary demonstration of unprofessionalism and finished on a good note considering.

Manuka Magni is starting to move more in an uphill frame as he has matured through the shoulder and has gained more strength. Something also noticed by others. It is so pleasing see that more people are now recognizing that not to push young horses to perform when they are not ready. Most, if not all top level horses do not get there in just a few seasons. Using the lower levels for preparation is just as important when it comes to preparing a top athlete, even if they are not winning.

We couldn’t have been happier with both the horses attitudes at a big competition and the results they gained over the weekend.

Thanks again to Craig and your wonderful driving skills and the PVC Tape. LOL

Thanks also Jacko and Louis the JR’s for being good dogs and not eating our lunch while we were away from the truck.



28-Jan North Island Dressage Champs Manuka Meilekke Level 3 3B 59.77%
3Day Event North Island Dressage Champs Manuka Meilekke Level 3 3C 63.58%
North Island Dressage Champs Manuka Meilekke level 3 3D 64.00%
North Island Dressage Champs Manuka Meilekke Level 3 F/S 60.72%
North Island Dressage Champs Manuka Magni Level 3 3C 61.75%
North Island Dressage Champs Manuka Magni Level3 3B 56.39%
North Island Dressage Champs Manuka Magni Level 3 3D 61.75%