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Manuka Sport Horses Karaka Auckland New Zealand

Manuka Sporthorses is a boutique breeder of Swedish Warmblood dressage horses in New Zealand , based on the banks of the Manukau Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand and only twenty minutes away from New Zealand’s main international airport.

Our philosophy is to breed fine equine athletes using superior national and international bloodlines.  Our horses are raised in open fields all year round as New Zealand has a wonderful temperate climate.  In particular, we give our young horses time to grow and mature before starting their education.

Manuka Sporthorses began in 1997 with the purchase of a two year old full blood Swedish Warmblood colt we named, Moschinno (picture below) We have expanded our stud with the subsequent purchase of two full blood Swedish Warmblood broodmares.  We primarily breed “full-blood” Swedish Warmbloods although we do combine with Thoroughbred bloodlines including Westminster (son of Grovesnor by the famous New Zealand Thoroughbred Stallion, Sir Tristram)

Some background to our Swedish Warmblood horses –

The Swedish Warmblood horse is one of the oldest Warmblood breeds in the world.  Horses have been bred in Flyinge since the 12th century, when the Danish Archbishops held a fortified stronghold with mounted troops there.  After the Swedes negotiated a peace treaty in Roskilde in 1658, King Carl X Gustaf ordered the establishment of a Royal Stud at Flyinge.

While most Warmbloods were initially bred primarily for agriculture and carriage horses, Swedish Warmbloods were bred specifically for riding.  The military selected stallions which could produce comfortable and rideable horses for the army, carefully choosing thoroughbred and other Warmblood stallions to introduce desirable characteristics.  Farmers owned the mares, breeding offspring suitable for purchase by the army.  This was the classic model for modern Warmblood breeding.

The Swedish Warmblood Association (SWA) was formed in 1928 with the encouragement of the Army.  Their main purpose was the development of high and uniform quality mares.  When the Army ceased using horses in the 1970s, the breeding program was transferred into the hands of the SWA.

The official Swedish Warmblood website (in English) is www.warmblood.se.  The AVSH is the official Swedish Warmblood registry.  The only other country, outside of Sweden, where official Swedish Classification of mares and stallions takes place, is the USA.  SWANA (Swedish Warmblood of North America) has its own website, www.swanaoffice.org.

How then, did some of these horses end up in New Zealand at the other end of the world from Sweden ?

In 1990, six Swedish Warmbloods arrived from the USA with their owners who had decided to emigrate to New Zealand.  These horses were –


A Utrillo (pictured below) daughter and pregnant to Callaghan – the progeny was subsequently named Maestro and he still stands at stud in the South Island of New Zealand

Maniara had also been imported to the USA from Sweden in the late 1980’s.

Maniara had been the highest scoring Swedish mare in history to that point


A Lester daughter.

She has been the dam of many young horses bred in New Zealand


A Warrigall daughter and pregnant to Silvan – the progeny was subsequently named India who was the dam of our Stallion, Moschinno.  (The people who brought these horses into New Zealand have subsequently said that Idahana was the best conformed and moving horse they ever owned but they did not recognize this until after they had sold Idahana.)

Silvan (pictured above) was the Grandsire of Moschinno on his dams side

Gibraltar II

Callaghan out of Garbi –Sire of our Stallion Moschinno.


Callaghan out of Lovisa – Lohengrin is still alive but now retired north of Auckland, New Zealand.  Callaghan and Lovisa stayed in the USA and produced another well-known son, Legacy who became a multi-disciplined US Champion.

Callaghan (pictured above) was a Swedish Premium State A breeding Stallion who was imported to the USA in the late 1980’s. Callaghan was the sire of both  Gibraltar II and Lohengrin.


Callaghan out of Micara

Apart from Maestro, Lohengrin, and Moschinno (our own Stallion) all these horses are now deceased.  While the Swedish have always introduced “outside” horses to their breeding programmes it was never as rapid as it has been over the past ten or so years.  With the progeny from Moschinno and Miranda and Madiera, we have a genetic pool which appears to have now virtually disappeared from Sweden and largely from the USA.

In addition, the use of our Stallion together with either of our two foundation mares, we have combined the bloodlines of three great Swedish breeding lines, that of Urbino, of Ceylon, and of Utrillo, which has not been replicated (to our knowledge) anywhere else in the world.

Our Stallion, Moschinno, is a New Zealand-bred sport horse, by Swedish sire, Gibraltar II, and Swedish mare India II (see above).  India’s sire, Silvan, and grand dam, Idahana, are former Grand Prix dressage horses in the USA and Sweden.

Moschinno’s sire, Gibraltar II, was New Zealand Horse of the Year in 1997.

Moschinno completed his in-hand career when he was judged “Sport Horse of the Year” at the 2001 Horse of the Year Show, Hastings.  Six months earlier Moschinno was chosen as the “EFS Senior Champion” at the NZ Warmblood Association’s, “Stars of the Future” show at Ti Papa in Auckland.  At these two shows, Moschinno was chosen over and above any other Warmblood competitor, by two highly acclaimed German (Hanoverian) Judges, Harry Boldt and Manfred Lopp, as being fully deserving of these two titles.

Moschinno is very strong on both sides of his pedigree.  There are a number of Swedish Stallions regarded as having huge beneficial influence in breeding stars.  Moschinno has Urbino, Callaghan and Gaspari on his sire’s side (Gaspari was the Grandsire of Gauguin de Lully).  Ceylon and Silvan are on his dam’s side.

Ceylon was classified as an elite Stallion in Sweden.  Amongst the progeny he produced were four sons who became approved Stallions in their own right.  One was Master, Kyra Kurkland’s dressage star.

Master is recognised as being one of the great dressage stallions, winning 19 FEI events in 19 starts.  Silvan was another son.  Silvan started competing in Europe as a show jumper and won a number of European Championships at the 1.40 metre level of competition.  Injury forced his early retirement.

Silvan was then sold and exported to the USA where he started a career in dressage.  He reached Intermediare Level II where again, injury curtailed his career.  Silvan sired approximately 26 fillies in North America, all of whom became much sought after for breeding.  One of these was India II, Moschinno’s dam.

Callaghan is Moschinno’s Grandsire and the son of Urbino.  Callaghan has produced a number of quality horses in Sweden and the USA, in dressage, show jumping and eventing.  One of the better known USA-bred Stallions is Legacy, who received amongst the highest grades possible at his stallion classification.  Legacy is a younger but full brother to New Zealand’s Lohengrin.

Our two foundation broodmares are also full blood Swedish Warmbloods.  Miranda and Madeira are sisters (some four years between them) with their sire being Lohengrin and their dam being Maniara.  They have Utrillo (Hanoverian) as their grandsire.  As already stated earlier, Maniara was classified in Sweden and achieved the most points for a mare in their breeding history.  Maniara sadly passed away in New Zealand earlier this year aged almost thirty.

We chose this Warmblood type for our stud for the following reasons:

Correct conformation

Powerful vertical movement

Wonderful neck set and hind quarters

Freedom and flexibility of the shoulder

Athletic ability and most importantly

Trainable temperament.

Moschinno has surpassed our expectations and has consistantly produced some wonderful progeny who are only just coming into their own now. We have held steadfast to our principles, breeding for quality and not quantity.

Moschinno is standing at Stud to a limited number of mares each season.

Frozen semen is available or AI

 Please contact us for more details.