Superb Temperament Warmblood X

SOLD 8YO Warmblood X Gelding 16:1 HH Sire: Moschinno SWB (Gibraltar/India II imported) Dam: San Mateo Replica (Second Chance/Super Stud) Excellent comformation with elevated athletic movement. Bold jump. Competed over winter successfully at 1:10-1:15. Eye catching, honest, reliable, easy going. He has a superb temperament and is always willing to give anything his best, all the time. Excellent […]



The career advice I wish I had at 25

The career advice I wish I had at 25 In the future, when we turn 50, we will each be given a ticket to a time machine and, just once, we will be able to go back in time and talk to our 25-year-old selves. Even then, time travel will be expensive and wreak havoc […]

Words from a First – and Last-Time Breeder

Words by Alexandra Beckstett I interviewing the Riogenologists Drs. Ben Espy (DVM, Dipl. ACT) and Ryan Ferris (DVM, Dipl. ACT) for the Responsible Breeders feature, several of their tell-it-how-it-is statements hit close to home. Their overarching message was along the lines of, “Please don’t breed your mare if she’s not going to contribute anything positive to […]

Current research on Equine Supplements

Here’s what current research, or lack thereof, is telling us about common equine supplement ingredients. From vitamins and minerals to fats and yeast cultures, horse owners face hundreds of choices when deciding which, if any, nutritional supplements their horses need added to their daily feed. What really works, and what’s just the latest dietary fad? […]

Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter A look at the remarkable equine heart and what can go wrong. Typically, fatal arrhythmias occur following peak athletic effort, as the heart rate is beginning to come down. Photo: Stephanie L. Church A look at the remarkable equine heart and what can go wrong. With the high rate of heart […]

The Right Conformation for Todays Eventor

“Good conformation means different things to different people, but to me it means structurally suitable for the job, in this case, a job that entails an aptitude for dressage, an ability over fences, and an efficient, ground-covering gallop. ” – Judy Wardrope    

Equine Herpes Virus Update

2014 Outbreak of Equine Herpes Virus Share your comments below: [contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Topic’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

Switzerland Bans The Use Of Hyperflexion (Rollkurr)

Swiss government bans rollkur   Switzerland’s government has introduced a tough new welfare law against abusive training methods including rollkur and rapping.Rollkur, the hyperflexion of a horse’s neck by force, was banned in warm-up at international competitions by the FEI in May 2010. However, the new Swiss ban refers not only to shows but also to training at […]

3D Printing to Produce Therapeutic Horse Shoes

Australian vets and scientists have used 3D printing to produce therapeutic shoes to treat a pony with chronic laminitis. The titanium shoes were custom-designed to redistribute weight away from the painful areas of the foot. John Barnes, 3D printing expert at CSIRO said scanning the hoof would allow them to manufacture a shoe that is […]