Superb Temperament Warmblood X

SOLD 8YO Warmblood X Gelding 16:1 HH Sire: Moschinno SWB (Gibraltar/India II imported) Dam: San Mateo Replica (Second Chance/Super Stud) Excellent comformation with elevated athletic movement. Bold jump. Competed over winter successfully at 1:10-1:15. Eye catching, honest, reliable, easy going. He has a superb temperament and is always willing to give anything his best, all the time. Excellent […]

Limiting roughage access may limit fertility…

An interesting article from the web: Equine Science Update Limiting roughage access may limit fertility   Ensuring that mares have access to roughage throughout the day and night has beneficial effects on reproductive efficacy according to a recent report. Horses have evolved as “trickle feeders” and are adapted to eating little and often. Modern management […]