Our two foundation broodmares are also full Swedish Warmbloods.

Miranda and Madiera are full sisters with their sire being Lohengrin and their dam being Maniara.

They have Utrillo (Hanoverian) as their Grandsire. Maniara was classified in Sweden and acheived the most points for any mare at her classification in Swedish history so far.

Maniara sadly passed away recently (2010).

Manuka Sport Horses chose this Warmblood type for our stud for the following reasons:

  1. Their correct conformation and powerful vertical movement.
  2. Their wonderful neck set and strength of the hind quarters.
  3. The freedom and flexibility of their shoulders.
  4. Their athletic ability and trainable temperament.


Madiera (right) and Manuka Mystle (Moschinno/Madiera) 2011