Moschinno is a New Zealand bred sport horse, by Swedish sire, GILBRALTAR II, and Swedish mare INDIA II (who was imported in utero from America).

INDIA’s sire, SILVAN, and Grand Dam, IDAHANA, are former Grand Prix dressage horses in the USA and Sweden.  Moschinno’s sire, GIBRALTAR II, was New Zealand Horse of the Year in 1997 and has now attained “Principal” status as listed New Zealand Warmblood Stallion.  Moschinno completed his in-hand career when he was judged “Sport Horse of the Year” at the 2001 New Zealand Horse of the Year Show, Hastings.  Six months earlier Moschinno was chosen as the “EFS Senior Champion” at the NZ Warmblood Association’s, “Stars of the Future” show at Ti Papa in Auckland.  At these two outings, Moschinno was chosen over and above any other New Zealand registered Warmblood, by two highly acclaimed German Judges, Harry Boldt and Manfred Lopp, as being fully deserving of these two titles.

Moschinno is very strong on both sides of his pedigree.  There are a number of Swedish Stallions regarded as having huge beneficial influence in breeding stars.  Moschinno has URBINO,  CALLAGHAN and GASPARI on his sire’s side (GASPARI was the Grandsire of GAUGIN DE LULLY).  CEYLON  and SILVAN are on his dam’s side.

CEYLON was classified as an elite Stallion in Sweden.  Amongst the progeny he produced were four sons who became approved Stallions in their own right.  One was MASTER, Kyra Kurkland’s dressage star.  MASTER is recognised as being one of the great dressage stallions, winning 19 FEI events in 19 starts.

SILVAN was another son.  SILVAN started competing in Europe as a show jumper and won a number of European Championships at the 1.40 metre level of competition.  Injury forced his early retirement.  SILVAN was then exported to the USA where he started a career in dressage.  He reached Intermediare Level II where again, injury curtailed his career.  SILVAN sired approximately 26 fillies in North America, all of whom became much sought after for breeding.  One of these was INDIA II, Moschinno’s Dam.

CALLAGHAN is GIBRALTAR II’s Sire and (obviously) Moschinno’s Grandsire.  CALLAGHAN has produced a number of quality horses in Sweden and the USA, in dressage, showjumping and eventing.  One of the better known USA-bred Stallions is LEGACY, who received amongst the highest grades possible at his stallion classification.  LEGACY is a younger but full brother to New Zealand’s LOHENGRIN.  LEGACY has now become the Reserve Champion at Intermediare I Level, at the 2007 California Dressage Society and Region 7 Championship Show.

We feel that the CEYLON and MASTER connection is the real highlight in Moschinno’s pedigree.  Not only was MASTER a superstar in his own right, but he now has two sons in the top ten dressage horses in the World rankings – TIP TOP and MAX.  Whatever we think though, there is clear evidence that there is superb dressage skills on either side of Moschinno’s pedigree. 

Moschinno’s progeny are only just becoming available now and they are special – we are finding and indeed, proving, that Moschinno adds size, elevated movement and temperament to any mare he is put to. 

Only frozen semen is available, in limited quantities, and only to approved purchasers.