Intimo Winter Dressage Series May 20th

Another long day for the young horses. Arriving at 8am and finishing around 5pm made it a long day but a good experience for everyone. The horses were all settled and and enjoyed their day. Meilekke was a little tired in her last test and found the driving rain on her face something that she had not experienced before in competition but tried her best with a good result.

Thanks to Intimo for the beautiful ribbons.


MANUKA SOUTHERN CROSS  2.3    65.00%   1ST

MANUKA SOUTHERN CROSS  2.5    60.00      1ST

MANUKA MAGNI                        1.2     66.25%

MANUKA MAGNI                        1.4     72.00%    3RD

MANUKA MEILEKKE                  1.2    60.82%

MANUKA MEILEKKE                  1.4    58.80%

Photos to be posted soon.