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WWOOF New Zealand and WWOOF International, provides experiences in organic living from large farms to family gardens, organic orchards and vineyards, urban organics etc. WWOOF also provides an intercultural exchange that promotes understanding and tolerance.

How it works in New ZealandWWOOF VolunteersLive with families and get hands-on experience with organic practices including cooking and preserving, wine, cheese and bread making, companion planting, worm farming, composting and a whole lot more. Volunteers like “giving something back to the country I am volunteering in “.


WWOOF hosts are organic farmers. Hosts enjoy passing on their knowledge of sustainable and organic practices. Organic production is also labour intensive and hosts appreciate having a helping hand on their land. Hosts like the “world coming to me” by opening up their homes and sharing their organic lifestyle with others.

At Manuka Sport Horses we are proud to be able to offer young people involved in the equestrian industry an insight into horse breeding and to experience  living and working on a small breeding stud in New Zealand.

We have been WWOOF hosts for approximately 3 years and have shared some great times with our international visitors.

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